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// sandra //

Who Am I?

I was born in Kandy, Sri Lanka. My mother gave me up for adoption three months after I was born. At nine months old I was adopted by a danish couple, who brought me home with them in Denmark. Unfortunately my parents divorced, when I was only two years old -and I stayed with my father.
I had a difficult start in life....
As a child I was shy and quiet, I was easy to deal with, painfully polite and almost invisible. Or that is how I felt, as I grew older.
Early on I began to act, sing, perform and play piano; mostly because I just loved to be on stage and being the center of attention. I believe it was the only way I could allow myself to speak up and be noticed. It was like magic, when I went on stage -all my fears disappeared, I became alive and full of confidence.
So, I have been singing since I was a child, music has always been a part of me and my life. When I wrote my very first song, I felt this kind of magic again. And then I just kept on writing...
Every single one of my songs have a special place in my heart, and a story of its own. They're kind of little pieces of me -telling my stories!
My music has become an indispensable element in my life, it makes me alive, gives me courage and strength. Through the music I can express myself and anything that comes to mind,  and I don't have to turn any given feeling or thought inwards any longer. The songwriting is kind of a healing process for me, it's a way to reflect the truth as it is in my universe. I have found a place where I belong, a safe foundation where I can be myself. I'm not invisible anymore....
And I have a heartfelt desire and hope of making a difference with the power of my music, my lyrics and my voice. I have so much on my mind, so much I like to share with all of you! And I thank each and everyone of you for diving in with me, for coming along with me on this passionate journey.♥  |